QUAD VR Season: Exhibitions

Market Place, Cathedral Quarter, Derby, DE1 3AS

Gallery 1:
QUAD is pleased to present a solo exhibition of new and existing work by the American artist and digital art pioneer Rebecca Allen including a new Virtual Reality (VR) commission that will premiere as part of the exhibition in QUAD Gallery one.

Nearly 30 years ago Allen predicted our futuristic culture, writing in 1989 “…not only will people build highly detailed artificial worlds in the computer, but they will also create complex characters with “human-like” behaviour that will “live” in these artificial environments. These new worlds will be experienced by the viewer through high resolution displays and the viewer will be able to interact with these synthetic characters.”

At the heart of Allen’s complex artworks are give and take interactions by the viewer when inside the artist’s, responsive, visionary and uncanny Virtual Reality worlds. There are few other experiences that replicate the embrace of Allen’s unique language; a language half-way between gesture and thought.

The exhibition at QUAD features recent VR artworks 'Inside' and 'Tangle of Mind and Matter' as well as a selection of works drawn from her astounding career, including the interactive large screen installation 'Bush Soul (#3)' and the video 'Musique Non Stop' that the artist made for electronic music pioneers Kraftwerk.

Curated by Helen Starr, The Mechatronic Library and Peter Bonnell, Senior Curator, QUAD.

Gallery 2:
QUAD has commissioned the Latvian artist Zane Zelmene to produce a new, immersive digital installation for her solo exhibition ‘The Specious Present’, featuring new VR works inspired by the natural environment and landscape of the county of Derbyshire, specifically the Peak District – including the prehistoric Stone and Bronze age henge monument Arbor Low Stone Circle. Zelmene has scanned and filmed in this once sacred site to create a VR experience of natural and man-made objects.

Inspired by Neolithic art, ancient myths and modern theories about stone circles – Zelmene’s exhibition features an ‘extended reality’ installation that merges real and virtual worlds to create an immersive experience – drawn from her research trips to Arbor Low Stone Circle – where the viewer can interact with virtual space and time within a VR headset and the actual gallery setting from their own point of view.

This ‘point of view’ will relate to multiple meanings in terms of what it means to be bodily in a place and that what is possible in one moment can differ to another. The influence and extent of this depend on our chemistry with a place. The timing at which we are exposed to a place also amplifies, dampens or mediates its influence. The longer we remain at a place the more influence it exerts. Zelmene’s installation studies the effects of visual and sensory rhythmically occurring natural phenomena that can act as cues in the regulation of the body’s circadian rhythms – similar to a ticking clock, a sun-dial or chimes from a bell tower – presented in different types of real and virtual gallery settings.

Resource Area:

QUAD is excited to present the Anim18 VR gallery, a newly commissioned animated experience, celebrating British Animation, supported by Film Hub Wales and Chapter (Cardiff) working with the BFI Film Audience Network.

QUAD has created a fully VR representation of the main gallery for visitors to explore 2D animated works celebrating British Animation. Working with local media production pioneers V21 Artspace to take 3D scans of our main gallery and recreate the space in a fully explorable 3D environment. The final work is available to view in the QUAD resource area from November 2018, as well as at participating venues around the country. 

The exhibition represents all four of the Anim18 key strands of Politics and Persuasion, Young at Heart, Breaking Boundaries and Connections and will display newly commissioned work through Anim18, as well as existing animations from the British animation history.

Featuring Artists: Anushka Kishani Naanayakkara, Ian Gouldstone, Jessica Ashman, Kate Sullivan, Leeds Animation Workshop, Leo Crane, Noriko Okaku, Osbert Parker, Pixelheads (National Videogame Museum), Ruth Coggins, Laurie Hill, Samantha Moore, Seeing Sound, plus the Anim18 AnimJam winner.

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 10 November 2018 to 4 February 2019
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