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Exhibition: The Institute of Reminiscence

Artcore has proud to present The Institute of Reminiscence exhibition, in partnership with Format Festival 2019. The show includes artworks by two artists in residence Mariano Doronzo and Olivia Punnett. Engaging with ideas and possibilities which explore issues that shape the future of remembering, Artcore has become for two months a think-tank to expand the boundaries of public debate about tracing the transformation of memory archives from physical to digital information and the corresponding evolution of public and personal remembering. Contextualizing memory’s role in visual theory and aesthetic politics, the exhibition explores how perception of memory and its value has changed today alongside new understanding of reminiscence and its importance to understand the past to imagine the future.

For The Institute of Reminiscence Mariano Doronzo has presented  Slides on a Light Box, a project aiming to light up and preserve some of the memories on the cusp of being lost forever.
Collecting memories and stories from local people, the artist has built up a new visual map of Derby by revisiting the places where they live/lived, work/worked and also spend their free time. Many of these places no longer exist but will either have been deserted or replaced with new stories and life.
Moreover Doronzo’s work documents how Derby has evolved, changed or stopped in time.

For The Institute of Reminiscence Olivia Punnett  has presented a body of work that responds in print, projection and sculpture to her personal interest in time & the remembered image, emotion of loss, moving closer to a sense of feeling that is time specific, a memory, a place, a moment; both concealment and revelation. Using photography as a starting point, the work also responds to the natural environment. Elemental Symbolism is present in prints and projections from water.

The exhibition is accompanied with an e- publication featuring both Mariano Doronzo’s and Olivia Punnett’s works specially produced for the exhibition as a result of two month residency.
The catalogue richly illustrated with images from the exhibition,  includes a conversation between Peter Bonnell( Senior Curator at Format Festival) and two artists in residence.

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