Arte Collective  

RED DOT MIAMI - December 2017
1700 NE 2nd Avenue, Miami, FL 33132

A very exciting program featuring in synergy a collective group of emerging, mid-career and established artists from all over the world, including the United States, Central America, South America, The Middle East, Spain, Cuba and Puerto Rico.

One of the spaces is dedicated to giving homage to artworks inspired by women, which have been created by both female and male artists. In this curated space visitors can experience the official debut of artist Mod Cardenas’ innovative series under the title of “OpArt ”, inspired and focused on empowering women and embracing their innate strength and natural sensuality. 

Also featured are imaginative works by talented artists such as Allie Wilkinson, Maria de Los Santos, Gloria Estefanel, Suzi Fadel Nassif, Rob Mango and the Miami Art Week first appearance of Anton Kirindongo’s “Guilty Innocence” photography series.

In adjacent spaces, conforming with Red Dot’s Impact theme, renowned Guatemalan artist Valenz will be presenting the worldwide unveiling of his new series of artworks. The canvases used in these pieces are made of up-cycled materials, this process re-uses discarded textiles and fibers to elongate their lifespan creating an ethically-made & premium-quality fabric that serves as the canvas for Valenz’s latest creations and marks a new era of eco-friendly art that is equitably, ecologically and elegantly enjoyed. 

Also featured are the inspirational works of photographer Xavi Lujan, the astoundingly detailed creations of local Miami artist Sean Teixeira and the socially innovative sculptures of Bob Clyatt, among others.

Who are Arte Collective?
Led by Yubal Márquez Fleites, the Arte Collective’s mission is to support and empower creators in all disciplines to showcase their work, promoting creativity and cultural awareness through collective collaboration. Facilitating artists with creative direction and strategic tools to translate their passion and vision into a reality. 
Arte Collective believe in coming together and giving back through art by sponsoring and supporting causes that benefit the community and society in general.

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