Alternate Realities: Subconscious Sensibilities 

Sheffield Doc/Fest
Site Gallery
6-11 June 2019

We live in a world of digital distraction and deepening division. How do art and documentary in their new forms help us navigate a better understanding and appreciation of our world and its inhabitants?

Looking to answer this question is a collection of compassionate storytellers, intuitive designers and radical commentators. Creating a fusion of story and agency to influence us emotionally, intellectually and subconsciously.

Presenting cautionary tales of data harvesting Opening our eyes to discrimination and the failures of utopian design. Creating aroma and scent that re-examines our sense of self. Blending our identities with those around us

The artworks in Subconscious Sensibilities help us explore our place in the world through the stories of others and the ever elusive story of ourselves.

Curated by Dan Tucker with Joe Cutts. Presented as part of Sheffield Doc/Fest's Alternate Realities programme. Some works certified 16+.

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