3D Virtual Exhibitions & Gallery Tours

V21 Artspace use laser scanning technology to capture real time arts and culture exhibitions to produce immersive 3D Virtual Exhibitions and Gallery Tours providing context, access and an interactive archive.


The 3D virtual exhibitions can be viewed on all online platforms, with simple easy to follow instructions, key to accessibility and audience development. When a live exhibition has closed, audiences can continue to engage with the work. Even if a viewer has visited the exhibition for real they can still enjoy the experience again and again at their leisure or may want to share with others that aren’t able to visit. 

To further engage the audience the exhibitions are supported by the addition of multimedia annotations such as video, photography, gallery guides, talks etc. Annotations are also integral to the interactive archiving function, artists and collaborators provide the narrative.

The 3D view of the exhibition provides a whole new perspective for the viewer that couldn't ordinarily be seen in reality. From a planning perspective, the 3D dollshouse and accurate floor plans are a vital tool for communicating the space to all collaborators.

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Our photographers pay particular attention to the requests of the gallery managers, artists and curators, care for aesthetics and are courteous and patient at all times. Working in public spaces, they are mindful that they don’t inhibit the normal operation of the organisation.


Charging by the complexity of the space, if the shoot runs over the estimated time the client isn't charged extra and we don't charge extra for out of hours work, always accommodating our clients schedule.

Reactive to our clients needs, we can be on site at short notice and in most instances deliver the 3D virtual exhibition preview within 2 to 5 working days of scanning, sooner if urgent. If multimedia annotations are required we add the content within 5 working days of receipt from the client.
The client will receive a code and guide on how to embed the 3D Virtual Exhibition on their website. We don't charge for the 1st year's annual hosting but do charge the client annually for subsequent years.  Please see terms and conditions


Please contact us if you would like more information on how to present and archive your latest or upcoming exhibition in immersive 3D VR